Are you planning a home extension? Are you wondering how much it will cost to hire builders to carry out the works? Of course, there is no single answer to this question since every self build home extension is different. However, when it comes to the price of an extension on your home, there are certain things that will always be taken into account. Here, we take a closer look at how builders generally price up an extension in Birmingham so that you can make an informed decision about how to finance your project. Whether you need a remortgage for your home extension or whether you’re planning to pay for the project from your savings, you’ll need to have a rough idea of how the costs will be worked out.

How Will Specification Affect The Price Of Your Self Build Home Extension?

The first thing to bear in mind when working out the price of an extension on your home is the standard of specification that you want. If you’re happy with a basic quality, you can expect to pay up to £1,700 per square metre, whereas the highest quality finish could cost you around 40% more. If you’re wondering whether it’s worth your while to opt for a two-storey home extension it’s important to be aware that it won’t cost you a lot more per square metre since, apart from the additional interior finishes and fixtures, you’ll only be added floor joists and walls. The foundations and roof will be required whether you opt for a two-storey or single-storey extension.

Considering The Variables

There are some other factors to bear in mind when pricing your extension in Birmingham. These include:

  • The type of soil
  • The purpose of the extension
  • The amount of glazing
  • Size
  • Location

Who Will Be Managing Your Project?

The cheapest way to extend your home is to primarily do it all yourself, however, that’s something that is beyond the ability of most people. You could hire tradespeople directly to carry out the works but there is a better solution. Our team of expert builders can also offer a complete extension service, taking over the management of every aspect of your project from end-to-end for the best value for money and the most convenient hassle-free solution for you.

Add The VAT

Once you have the cost of the extension you have in mind, don’t forget that VAT will also need to be added onto the materials and labour costs. This is at a standard rate of 20%. There are some extension projects which are eligible to receive relief on VAT including conversions of existing dwellings to change the number of units or work to buildings that have remained unoccupied for a minimum of two years. However, in order to benefit from this VAT relief, you have to choose a builder that is registered for VAT – the VAT cannot be reclaimed yourself.

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Knowing how much your extension project is likely to cost is essential, especially if you need to remortgage for your home extension or secure another type of finance to pay for the project. Contact our friendly, knowledgeable team of construction experts today to get your free, no-obligation quote. We can give you a great value price on your extension and help you improve your property within your budget.