Repairing roof tiles to fix your damp problem

Damp can be a serious problem that can lead to ongoing problems in your home. Not only can it result in mould and mildew that can be unpleasant to live with and which could even have a negative impact on your health, it could even result in structural damage to your property if allowed to […]

Getting planning permissions for your new extension

Are you keen to extend your home? Then you’re probably asking the common questions “do I need planning permission?” and “why do we need planning permission?” Here, we look at everything you need to know about planning for a house and what you need to do to get Birmingham planning permission for the changes that […]

Securing your vehicles with JMcC build security posts

Are you worried about your vehicle’s security? Finding ways to ensure that your car is safe and secure whether parked at home or at the workplace couldn’t be more important these days, but JMcC have the answer – high-quality security posts. The Problem Of Vehicle Security Recent statistics show that more than 100 cars are […]

Pricing your new extension

Are you planning a home extension? Are you wondering how much it will cost to hire builders to carry out the works? Of course, there is no single answer to this question since every self build home extension is different. However, when it comes to the price of an extension on your home, there are […]