Damp can be a serious problem that can lead to ongoing problems in your home. Not only can it result in mould and mildew that can be unpleasant to live with and which could even have a negative impact on your health, it could even result in structural damage to your property if allowed to progress that could be very costly to rectify.

If you’re wondering how to fix damp problems in your home, the good news is that the solution can often be as simple as a quick repair to the roof tiles. Slipped roof tiles in Birmingham are a common cause of damp problems and are easy for professional roofing companies in Birmingham to fix.

How To Repair Slipped Roof Tiles

If you’re wondering how to repair slipped roof tiles yourself, the sensible answer is to call in one of the professional roofing companies in Birmingham instead. Although it may seem relatively easy to repair roof tiles on your own, in fact it can be very dangerous. Getting onto your roof in the first place can be challenging, and it can be all-too-easy to fall and cause yourself a serious injury. If you call in a specialist in roof repair in Birmingham you can stay safe while also ensuring a professional finish that will resolve your issues with damp.

How To Fix Damp Problems With A Roof Repair In Birmingham

There can be several causes of missing, slipped or damaged roof tiles in Birmingham. Storm damage is a common cause, along with people walking on your roof to install a TV aerial or satellite dish. If you leave the repair for too long damp can set in. This is especially the case in older properties with no underfelt beneath the tiles.

It is quite easy for a team of professional roofing contractors to refix or replace a few missing or slipped tiles on your roof. If the underfelt is sagging, this will require stripping, replacing and rebattening, but this is something that is simple for skilled roofing companies to carry out.

Once the tiles have been replaced or refixed into position, your roof will be weathertight once more and damp will no longer pose a problem to your home.

Where Do I Find Roofing Contractors In My Area?

If you’re asking the question “where do I find roofing contractors in my area that I can rely on?” you need look no further than our skilled and highly experienced team. We have over a decade of experience in the construction industry and can perform your roof repairs in the Birmingham area to the highest possible standard. Whether you have a few tiles that required fixing or replacing or whether you need an entire roof replacement, contact our friendly, knowledgeable team today. We can give you a free, no-obligation quote for the works that you require so that you can eliminate the damp problem from your home and enjoy living in a comfortable, warm and dry property once more!